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What are Floor Mounted Unit?
Floor standing air conditioning units are compact and ideal for anyone wanting the convenience and access of positioning their unit closer to the floor. They can even be semi-recessed into the wall or in an unused fireplace. The units use either top, or top and bottom discharge vents to distribute air evenly throughout the room. They are mainly sold as multizone systems. They are very expensive compared to wall mounted ductless unit. Slim and lightweight in design, these systems are ideal for house of worship to mount beneath stained glass windows. Lower in height that the pews they do not disturb the aesthetics of the space. With long piping lengths of 165' the outdoor units can also be placed remotely out of sight.

They are available in cooling-only and cooling plus heat pump model Cooling and Heating from: 18000 - 36200 Btu.

Why Choose a Universal Floor/Ceiling Heat Pump?
In a word: flexibility. A universal system’s air handler can be mounted on the ceiling or low against a wall to achieve the best positioning in each space. All systems come with up to 4 remote controls for easy, individualized operation no matter where the air handler is mounted.

The system provides 2 tons of powerful cooling and heating capacity that fits a variety of residential and light commercial applications. Install it in businesses, residences, garage conversions, guest quarters and offices as an alternative to other room-cooling solutions. With a 15.0 SEER, it’s an energy-efficient, cost-effective way to heat and cool. See the full range of ductless split system features. Link to features page

This system has an outdoor condensing unit and indoor air handler connected by refrigerant and electrical lines that run through a 3″ opening in an exterior wall. A licensed HVAC technician is required to connect the lines between the indoor and outdoor components.

Are they sold as single or multizone?
Most manufacturers mainly sell them as multizone units, they do not come in single zone currently. When using a multi-type air conditioner, the multiple indoor units can be operated simultaneously, but when two or more indoor units of the same group are operated simultaneously, the heating and cooling efficiency will be less than when a single indoor unit is used alone. Accordingly, when you wish to use more than one indoor unit for cooling at the same time, the use should
be concentrated at night and other times when less output
is required. In the same way, when multiple units are used simultaneously for heating, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with other auxiliary space heaters, as required. Seasonal and outdoor temperature conditions, the structure of the rooms and the number of persons present
may also result in differences of operating efficiency.

How does they operate?
The operating mode (heating mode or cooling (dry) mode) of the outdoor unit will be determined by the operating mode of the indoor unit that was operated first. If the indoor unit was started in fan mode, the operating mode of the outdoor unit will not be determined. For example, if indoor unit (A) was started in fan mode and then indoor unit (B) was then operated in heating mode, indoor unit (A) would temporarily start operation in fan mode but when indoor unit (B) started operating in heating mode, the OPERATION indicator lamp
(red) for indoor unit (A) would begin to flash (1 second on, 1 second off) and it would go into standby mode. Indoor unit (B) would continue to operate in heating mode.

How are floor mounted units installed?

floor mounts units

What are the normal features for Floor Mounted units?
Floor ductless split systems have main feature which is Inverter Technology, which reaches the desired temperature faster, maintains it more accurately and reduces energy consumption with fewer compressor startups and shutdowns. It also varies the speeds of the compressor, condenser and indoor fan to provide only the cooling capacity needed to reach the set temperature Below are few more commonly seen features in Floor Mount units:

»» Comfort and Convenience
»» LCD wireless remote for each indoor unit and secured remote control holder
»» Compatible with the optional wired, wall-mounted controller
»» 24-hour timer and sleep timer
»» 4 fan speeds, cooling or heating
»» Multiple operating modes including: auto, cool, dry (dehumidification), fan-only and heat
»» Washable, reusable air filters for less maintenance
»» Continuous ‘Air Sweep’ for even distribution of air throughout the room
»» Auto-shut flaps close when unit is off for a sleeker appearance
»» Auto-restart after power interruptions
»» Auto-changeover between cooling and heating modes
»» Low-temperature operation to 0° F
»» 2 tons of cooling and heating
»» Self-diagnostics, including stored error codes
»» Fresh-air intake (requires a separate inline fan installation and ducting)

Do they have Air Filter?
Yes, they do. Just like wall mounted units they provide a good washable air filters with the units. See below example figure.



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