Air Conditioner Service

Air conditioners are an absolute necessity for great temperature control. However, just to have an air conditioner and switching it on as and when required is not enough. It is important that you take good care of it. This means you will have to service your air conditioners at regular intervals. If you are unable to service your air conditioner at the right time, chances are high that you will end up paying a higher amount in its repair and replacement. Whenever you think of servicing your air conditioner always consider getting in touch with an experienced and professional HVAC contractor.

There is no denying the fact that an air conditioner is a tough piece of equipment and it is designed to withstand all sorts of wear and tear but it requires frequent tune ups to continue functioning with great efficiency. It has been observed that an air conditioner that is not maintained properly loses much of its original efficiency. In fact, it may so happen that a machine that had 12 SEER rating goes down to a SEER rating of 9 after a few years of use. The good news is that most of the efficiency that is lost due to constant operation can be recovered with regular maintenance. This means that proper servicing of your air conditioner will not only save you from expensive repair costs but also you will be able to save on your monthly utility bills with reduced power consumption.

As far as servicing of your air conditioner is concerned, it is a good idea to get it serviced twice a year once during the fall and in the spring. However, do not get duped by low service charges offered by many agencies during these times, rather opt for genuine service providers who will perform all the necessary checks in your machine before giving it a go ahead.

There are certain things that an HVAC contractor must perform when it comes to the servicing of an air conditioning unit. For example, the condenser coil needs to be cleaned because dirty condensers raise the refrigerant pressure which in turn increases the electric bill.

The refrigerant charge needs to be checked. This is because a high or low refrigerant charge can shoot up the electricity bill to a large extent. Even there can be a total compressor shut down when an improper compressor charge occurs.

The controls and safety measures that are present in an air conditioner should function properly because improper functioning of these can lead to high operational costs and failure of other components.

Capacitators also needs proper care because bad capacitators can lead to failure of the compressor.

Clean filters are indispensable for the proper functioning of air conditioners. In case an air conditioner has dirty filters the compressor has to work harder to pump in cool air, thus leading to wear and tear of the machine.

Last but not the least, an overall check of the total unit should be carried out to avoid any sort of functional loophole.

In addition to checks offered by HVAC contractors, it is the responsibility of the homeowners to carry out a few DIY checks to ensure that the air conditioner operates efficiently.