Furnace Repair

 The main function of a furnace is to take away the cold air from the room and keep you warm during the winter months. During the cold season, it is very common that people call in technicians for various kinds of repairs of their furnaces. This is because whether commercial or residential similar kinds of problems plague the furnaces. Hence having an idea of the common problems that perils a furnace will leave you in a better place to deal with the different kinds of anomalies faced by a furnace. In fact, sometimes having an idea of the problem might help you to spend huge amounts on the repair of your furnaces.

 Some of the common problems faced by a furnace are the following:

• Lack of Maintenance
• Dirty Filters
• Wear and Tear
• Electric Ignition or pilot control problems
• Malfunctioning thermostat
• The furnace does not heat adequately
• Frequent cycling
• The blower is running continuously
• The furnace has become too noisy

 Some helpful tips towards your furnace repair could be:

Dirty filters in furnaces can cause end number of problems in them. Hence, it is advised that you change the filters once in a month. You could do this by following the manufacturers’ instruction manual or you can also take help from a furnace repair professional. Once demonstrated you will be able to do it all by yourself from the next time on wards.

In case you feel that your thermostat is not heating adequately, you can simply check the battery level in the thermostat. In some of the models just changing the battery might be enough to make your furnace run smoothly.

 Besides these when your furnace is heating but the heating is not enough in that case you should take a note that is nothing is blocking the flow of the warm air, also make sure that the room heating registers are open. Even after trying out these simple tricks the furnace does not produce the desired level of heating it is time that you should get in touch with a HVAC technician.

 In case the furnace is not heating at all you can try out the following tricks to ensure that no stone is left unturned before you call in a technician. In the first place try out that the thermostat of the furnace is set to heat. Check out the circuit breaker of the furnace and make sure that the fuse has not blown away. You also need to make sure that the power switch of the furnace is turned on. It may happen so that the motor of the furnace requires a reset due to overload. In that case you need to search for the reset button and press it. In case of a gas furnace the pilot light might have gone off or the gas valve may have shut off, in such a scenario you need to check the ignition of the furnace.

 When all these tips do not work it is better to call in a trained furnace repair professional. He will be in a position to detect the exact problem and address it accordingly.

However, the best way to keep your furnace in the best of condition is to arrange for a regular maintenance program so that no problem comes as a shock to you.